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xmasChristmas events
Family and friends night. December 8, 2016

Our family and friends night was a great success. Lindsay, John and baby Eliza were the star guests and money raised from the evening is for support of cystic fibrosis. Eliza demonstrated that she already appreciates good music - see video here.

You can view photos here.

You can hear our singing and ukele playing here.

Thank you to the ukele band which includes several of our choir members. You can view them playing one of their songs here.

On Thursday 15 December we will again be singing carols at the Riverview Hotel, 29 Birchgrove Rd, Balmain.

Blackheath audio

28 October. We now have the CD of our performance at Blackheath and we sound pretty good.

You can listen here. I will make the photos and audio available on the public pages too as they will be a good promotion for the choir.

Blackheath photos

15 October. There are some great photos from the Festival. The photos I put up previously were a small selection on the festival website. We now have a lot more. I have put the best ones up but happy to give the CD to anyone who would like to see them all. I've put them up here

Blackheath success

2 Sept. Our practice and hard work paid off at the Blackheath Choir Festiva. Oour participation was very successful and for that we need in large part, to thank Kathryn Zerk for her encouragement and direction, including ensuring that we knew how to enter, bow and exit - very important to help us look professional. The audience enjoyed our singing and we enjoyed being there. The whole Festival was wonderfully organised and included great choirs singing such a varied selection of music.

The choirs were recorded and CDs will be available.

Cost will be approx. $10. Final amount will be calculated once we know how many people would like a copy. Fill in the sheet available at the desk to indicate if you would like a copy.

Extra rehearsal for Blackheath

We will have an extra rehearsal in preparation for Blackheath Choir Festival on:

Monday 15 August. 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Blackheath Choir Festival - latest update - 6th August.

We have been sent more information about the Blackheath Choir Festival. it should be a wonderful event with 56 choirs taking part over the three days of Friday 26th to Sunday 28th August. It is a great opportunity to be part of such an event, to hear other choirs and to present our own choir to a supportive audience. Do come and be part of it if you possibly can.

Our session is in the Phillips Hall at 3.55pm Saturday, 27th August. We have a rehearsal at 2.45 p.m. and it is vital that everyone taking part is there for the rehearsal.

See the PDF rehearsal and performance schedule for more information and follow the link in the document for details on locations.

Follow this link to see a list of all choirs with photos. Look for our photo in Session 6.

Our repetoire for Blackheath is:


Turn, turn, turn

Shto mi e milo

Yonder come day

Term 3 Director

Kathryn Zerk has accepted our invitation to be our choir Director for Term 3. We are happy to welcome her back.

Marrickville Golf Club - Sing for the joy of it

Marrickville Golf Club hosts Sing for the joy of it community choir nights. A number of choirs present programs of about 15 minutes each to a generally packed and appreciative audience. CBCC has already taken part several times and we look forward to it again this year. The date is yet to be fixed.

Drummoyne Community Centre Showcase - update

On Friday morning, 5th May, a group from the choir took part in an event at Drummoyne Community Centre to showcase the activities at the Centre.

Ros Lance, the Centre Director emailed: "What a treat we had this morning with 13 of the choir to entertain us with such lovely singing." Jan Curran emailed: "Thank you, Kathryn and the choir for coming along and starting the event so beautifully. I stayed to talk to people afterwards and received some lovely positive feedback. All said they really  enjoyed the songs and we did a good job so well done!"

dcc showcase Click for larger image

Lindsay's baby

We are happy to announce that our Director, Lindsay Gilroy-Peddings, has given birth to a girl, Eliza Jane. Mother, father and baby are well.

Term 2 Director

In Term2, 2016, Javier Vilarino will continue from Week 2 for the month of May. Further details will follow.

Term 2 repetoire

Our repetoire for Term 2 will include: Shenandoah, Turn, turn, turn, the Humming chorus as well as Shakelton and Not while I'm around.

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