Canada Bay Community Choir

Events 2018

Family and friends night. Midyear June 2018

We had a very successful night of singing to family and friends. Many thanks to Kathryn, our wonderful director and Brad who accompanied us so well.

See some photos here.

Ferragosto 2018

Our choir partipated in Ferragosto again this year. There were big crowds all along the street and everyoneaplpeared to enjoy the day. We included two Italian songs in our program: O sole mio and Me compare giacometo as well as Penny Lane, Viva la vida, Over the rainbow and Sway. The weather was not the best for outdoor performances, sunny but very windy. Even so we had a good crowd and the audience enjoyed our performance.

The photos show us singing with enthusiasm while battling wind and sun. The actors dressed for commedia dell'arte, the flying flags and our audience added to the colour and movement of the day.

Previous events can be viewed here.
Blackheath Choir Festival 2018

Our choir has now participated in the Festival for the third time and enjoyed it immensely. So many choirs took part that we were all asked to shorten our performance time but we were all so pleased that we were accepted into the very full and varied program. We rehearsed in the church hall before our performance and as we walked out, a member of the choir following us said, 'you sounded beautiful'. Just what we needed to give us confidence and the audience in the Phillips Hall was very appreciative of our performance. Thank you Kathryn.

Some photos of us rehearsing, about to go in, performing and then celebrating.